Thai Internet – Past & Present

I remember the first time I surf the Net is around 1996 (Gosh, 10 years already!). I were a university student at Assumption University in Bangkok. In that time, my online activities are nothing more than Hotmail and “nTalk” (classic Chat application). By the way, Internet convince me to stick with the computer which became ‘something’ to me. It’s more than a big electronic machine, more than a green screen, but people all around the world is here! They were connected to each other. Yes, it’s one world. Globalised world.

10 years later, I am working for the Internet & E-Commerce section of a private company. It is good to work for something I love. However, I think I found something about the Internet and the dream of globalised world.

–,,,, etc. sold to the VC and they return visitors and some revenue to the investors.
– 2001 Dot-com bubble was burst, we overestimate dot-com business
– The dream to push our site to NASDAQ = 0%
– 2004 Everything seems better, some entrepreneur come back to the new challenge.
– 2006 the notion about ‘Web 2.0’ come back with the Internet capability
– Next? What do you think?


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