Have you ever feel like …you don’t want to do anything except sleep and take a rest after the exhausted weekday at your office?

Sorry for late content update, I just don’t have any inspiration to do anything that much about the Internet business. Perhaps, it might be time for me to consider to do something for myself some, not company.

…….. This is a lyrics of a song named “illness” from a local artist “Kidnappers”… It describes my feeling…..May be I just want to take a long break.

I am ill I’m taking a pill tonight But it doesn’t make my feeling tight Cause in the state of mind I feel sick and tired I just don’t care I’m going nowhere alright?

But it doesn’t make my feeling tight The places that are gone I never realize Cause I’m so sick and tired I’ll be running thru’ space and time On the edge of this ugly world

Well, I have a hole in my dream Under the blue sky… Help me if you can I just can’t understand my own illness.. Won’t you let me out Cause I can’t figure it out ’bout my illness…

2 Replies to “illness…”

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