My Favourite Sites/ Books

Sorry for English krub. I grasp these text from my personal email which I sent to my business partner who ask me “I’d like to learn more about online marketing ka please kindly to recommend the best website for it to me na ka.”. I think it would be good to share with you guys here in . Please share your favourite site/book here!

User experience – Jakob Nielsen’s website. The guru of Web usability – The User Experience guru and the author of the book named “Information Architechture” – no more compliment. I love it! – Co-author of “Information architecture” – Peter Morville

Internet Marketing – The discussion forums of everything about Dot-com, e-business – You knew it – Local website which always aggregate Thai Internet industry within this site. – I am a Content Nut! Gerry McGovern written a book named “Content Critical”. It’s a classic one for me – You knew it – You knew it – Interesting web stat around the world – Everything about SEM – It’s about the web development standard, but it might be useful for your idea, because marketing is the thing about practical idea, isn’t it? – Thai webmaster Association – You knew it – Wired Magazine. My favourite magazine – One of the best Online Marketing site.

Business Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make Competition Irrelevant –> It’s already translate into Thai by Nation Publishing

Other source
– Blog of Tim Berners-Lee (WWW Creator), Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia creator)
– Tons of text books.
– Time magazine, Economists, Fast Company Magazine, Business 2.0 etc.

One Reply to “My Favourite Sites/ Books”

  1. Books
    1. E-Marketing by judy Strauss+Ansel El-Ansary, Raymond Frost(at chula book –
    2. Search Engine Marketing Inc.:Drive traffic to your company website ( read review at my blog – )

    1. e-marketer digest on the net
    2. Vertical Response’s resources :e-mail marketing website


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