Why do people gamble?

Hi guys. This is my first English blog of 2010. I know from Xiao Dan and Eric (during our last FAT Wednesday night) that you guys really want to know what I usually blog about. In Jakrapong.com, I just blog about my interest and the thing I love to do – Internet marketing (more on product marketing rather than branded marketing), and I also do some music, books, movies, website review. I blog about other stuff sometimes like, the brand new Casino in town.

Well, I am not a gambler, but I always get emails, calls from my Thai friends and my relatives that they want to try. I can’t say no to them, so, I became a local casino guide eventually.

Yesterday night, I took my relatives to Resorts World Sentosa. We show our passport, walk through the gate for free. (Singaporean and PR must pay 100 SGD per entry.) Nothing much, my relatives (and I as a follower) went there and started betting on baccarat, roulette, blackjack, etc. 3 hours later, they won 700 Singapore dollars. They are lucky  that they didn’t lose today, but I do believe they will lose later anyway.

The Casino in RWS make me recall about casino in other country. There are so many social problems from casino. Something like the parents took family’s money to gamble instead of give it to their kids or at least spend time with family. They don’t spend time together, kids get the problem 😦 There are many social activists protest about this kind of things but I still hear that some casino still want to expand it’s capacity. I know it is a kind of entertainment, but it cause a lot of problems.

I have been working here for several years and I like Singapore. I hope there is no problem here. Good news is, it’s good to know that RWS had implemented the voluntary gaming limit system, where patrons were able to place a limit on how much money they were prepared to lose at the casino. I hope it works.

I found some interesting question on Yahoo! Answers  Why do people gamble? I like the Best Answer on this question.


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