Change my WordPress theme to ‘Basic Maths’ + Blogging in English

2 things today.

Change to Basic Maths
I just change my WordPress theme to “Beach” last week because I believe I can write something related to my lifestyle more, but I found the new premium theme “Basic Maths” suit my “digital lifestyle” better.  So, just change it. It’s like I can change my room’s wallpaper every week 😀 Sorry to keep changing it!

Blogging in English
I’ve been blogging since 2006 until now. What makes I am addicted to blogsphere? Simple answer, I just love the basic concept of Internet especially the “sharing culture” on the Internet but my thought never been spread out of Thailand.  So, just blog it with (my broken) English. My English is not perfect like an expat, but I just hope I can communicate with all of non-Thai reader out there.


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