Morning Green Tea – จิบการตลาดชาเขียวย้อนหลังตอนที่ 2


# End. Please give me your feedback about our #morninggreentea session. Will make it worth for u to read. Thanks for reading! Have a good day
# @jodyplanet Thanks ka
# What I’m tring to say is; give what consumers want and money will follow. Simple but works, bekieve me! #morninggreentea
# Also, they sell simple banners. The company growing so fast. One day, ComCast acquire them with millions USD #morninggreentea
# DailyCandy accept advertising, but they will ask you whether you want to receive “dedicated email to sponsor” #morninggreentea
# But, what is marketing practice then? #morninggreentea
# 10~15 lines isn’t too long for busy readers. And it is not advertising, but great stuff for you. This is the key #morninggreentea
# I believe they already have millions of email subscribers in their database. People need trustful content #morninggreentea
# So, editor in each major city will not accept advertorial fee from organization, but purely editorial. Very trustful #morninggreentea
# It’s not a promo junkies that you hate like spam mail, but it will be 10~15 lines newsletter by trustful editor #morninggreentea
# DailyCandy will send you an email a day (which they already know what you want). #morninggreentea
# They have to work, work, work. How can they read magazine, except when they are in a salon. How often do you go to salon? #morninggreentea
# DailyCandy is a newsletter site. The main concept is; city girls are too busy to read magazine. #morninggreentea
# I totally like it although I am not a new yorker, not a women, not their target at all. Why? #morninggreentea
# As I told you guys this morning, do you know a newsletter site named #morninggreentea
# I really love twitter since it allow me to broadcast my thought to a lot of people who interested in what I’m trying to say #morninggreentea
# Welcome to our business & marketing tweet session #morninggreentea krub


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