Hi Yahoos, Happy new year from Bangkok, January 2554

Hi Yahoos, Ex-yahoos – happy new year 2554

What’s that? Is this year 2554? Yes, it is Buddhist calendar and now I am blogging from Bangkok, Thailand. Usually, I blog in Thai, but I really want to communicate with you (yes, you who don’t read Thai and unfollow me on Twitter, block me on Facebook because I keep sending you the Thai script! 😀 ) It’s too bad, so sad to lost you. So, I hope we can still keep in touch with this blog update.

Last year, I worked for Yahoo! based in Singapore. It was a great time to work with all of you over 3 years. I will never ever forget it (Well, at least, I miss Twiki that Amos teach me how to use it!). By the way, show must go on. I relocated back to Bangkok, get a local jobs (Worked for Samsung mobile for a few months and move to a local leading TelCo named True Corp.) in order to spend time with the most important thing in my life called “Family”. I do belief you also value it.

You might already get a thousand of traditional e-cards and social blessing like twitter messages, facebook photo tags, Flickr’s photo of Happy New Year Cake and so on. Anyway, I still want to say “Happy new year” again. It is not because I want to say something for the sake of new year period, but I just want to take this opportunity to update what I am doing here in Bangkok. So, if you need any help or I can do anything for you just ping me anytime.

Thanks again especially those who base in Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, States, London office and, Australia (both Sydney and Melbourne) and other country I might missed.

with love,

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